Perfectly Polished Day Lounge -
Manicures & Pedicures
Refresh Me Manicure ($17)
Refresh Me Pedicure ($25)
Soak, shape, buff & polish.
Renew Me Manicure ($22)
Renew Me Pedicure ($38)
Soak, shape, buff, callus and cuticle treatment, massage, & polish.
Rejuvenate Me Manicure ($30)
Rejuvenate Me Pedicure ($45)
The ever so changing pedicure! The theme changes every month. Soak, shape, buff, callus and cuticle treatment, sugar scrub, masque, massage & polish.
Pedi on the Rocks ($50)
Kick back for a true happy hour!  This treatment includes a soak, shape, buff, callus and cuticle treatment as well as a velvety massage with hot stones on your calves and feet.  Experience the deep relaxation benefits from the ancient techniques of the warm stone massage and the meditative qualities of the mind altering music.  (Only provided October-March)
Mini Me Manicure ($10)
Mini Me Pedicure ($15)
(ages 10 and under)
Soak, shape & polish

Nail Art- $5+ • Bling- $1+ • Polish Change- $10
Gel & Shellac Services
Gel W/ Tips ($50+)
This instantly dry nail service includes shaping, cuticle work & massage. Length is added to the nail bed. 

Gel Manicure ($30+)
This instantly dry nail service includes shaping, cuticle work & massage. The gel is placed over the natural nail preventing it from breaking or splitting.
Shellac Manicure ($30+)
Shellac Pedicure ($15+ add on to any pedi)
This new power polish goes on like nail polish but wears up to 14 days!  The Shellac manicure includes shaping, cuticles work & massage.  The best part is easy removal with out damaging your nails.

Please note these are starting prices.  Nail art, nail repair and special nail shapes will be additional charges.

We take pride in our disinfecting and sanitation. We use one time use nail files, callous files as well as individual liners for our footsie baths.
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